Home Air Quality

Is Your Home Air Quality Safe?

Dirty Air Ducts is a huge problem in areas that have a lot of dust. Although we offer affordable air conditioning and heating in all of southern California, we make sure we offer cities like Palmdale air duct cleaning services. We at Air-LiNK offer services that maintain your systems, but services that also benefit your health. The following health problems are found indoors due to bad air quality.

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Dust Mold and Pollen are common tiny particles that you are inhaling on a daily bases. Have you noticed your Allergies acting up? A lot of people actually suffer from allergies at home, and it’s because more than likely that dirty air ducts are the reason you develop those annoying symptoms.

Sinus Issues

Did you know that dead skin, hair, pet dander, fine dust and many more small particles are being sucked up through your furnace and distributed throughout your home? Although at first you might think they do not cause any issues, eventually as they gather and sit in your vents they create mold, dust mites, and allergens. Do you suffer from sinus infections? Consider Air Duct Cleaning Services, you’ll be surprised just how probable it is that it’s being caused by dirty air ducts.

We at Air-LiNK Mechanical offer affordable air and heating throughout Southern California. We have many available services that can help your home be more energy efficient, and even healthier for you to live in. Get in contact with us today and ask us about our services and on-going maintenance plans.

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